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Why Did Joe Biden Use The N-Word?

By Brenton A. McClanahan

BMB Empower Netowork

May 30, 2024 1:35PM

It's been said that Donald Trump used the N-word on the first season of "The Apprentice", but before it gets too big, let's just put it out there: "Joe Biden used the N-word too" and there will be a 3-second clip of Biden using the N-word, stating: “We already have a n----- mayor, we don’t need any more n----- big shots!" The question is why did then Senator Joe Biden use that ugly word. Picture it a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing 35 years ago for the nomination of William Bradford Reynolds as U.S. deputy attorney general who at the time was the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division who didn't believe in Civil RIghts.

Who is William Bradford Reynolds, so back in 1985 Reynolds had to deal with some questions from Senate Democrats about his voting rights record while he was the assistant attorney general for civil rights. Biden was all up in Reynolds' face about this idea to change up Louisiana's congressional maps and make a district in New Orleans mostly Black. They were calling this whole thing the Nunez plan.

So instead of going with the Nunez plan, Reynolds gave the thumbs up to a different redistricting plan that had the support of Louisiana Gov. David Treen and some white lawmakers who were against the Nunez proposal and worked to block it. Treen's plan divided the predominantly Black district to safeguard a GOP congressman's position. Back in 1983, a federal court had mandated Louisiana to redo the map because it unfairly manipulated the Black community's representation.

Reynolds claimed he approved Treen's plan because he believed the Louisiana governor didn't purposely redraw the congressional map to prevent the formation of a mostly Black district in New Orleans.

C-Span video footage of that 1985 hearing shows that Biden repeatedly asked Reynolds if he heard or saw any evidence that Louisiana’s politicians were intentionally discriminating against Black residents to keep them from having fair representation. Reynolds says he did not find any evidence that this was the case.

So, Biden pointed out that Reynolds got a memo from his team flagging racist remarks from lawmakers against the majority Black district. Biden mentioned that the memo included the N-word being used by legislators who opposed the district. He basically said, "They told you about important legislators making racist comments like 'We already have a n----- mayor, we don’t need any more n----- big shots.'"

Biden argued that these comments and other issues with the governor's plan should have been warning signs for Reynolds, who shouldn't have approved the plan. In the end, the Senate Judiciary Committee said no to Reynolds' nomination in a 10-8 vote.

Instead of being like "Oh, Joe Biden also said the N-word," check out this guy William Bradford Reynolds. He was in charge of the Civil Rights Division but didn't really care about civil rights, which totally messed with the Black community. And get this, Ronald Reagan actually nominated him. Crazy, right? I'm fully aware that this post and video will be plastered all over social media, but hey, Google and YouTube are free, folks!

Hey, remember to be careful where you're getting your info from and who you're listening to. There's a ton of false info out there, and the mainstream media isn't always great at fighting it. So, big thanks to the real folks out there sharing the truth, even if they're not getting all the clicks and views! Be Blessed and vote 2024!!!!

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