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BMB Soul Radio is your top choice for discovering the very best from 70s, 80s, 90s R&B/Soul, New Jack Swing, Gospel, Smooth Jazz, & Hip/Hop. With our music curators working around the clock to provide you with the highest quality hits, you’ll never get bored listening to our station. Tune in and let our hosts and DJs entertain you with amazing music, fascinating events, and more.

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The very best from 70s, 80s, 90s R&B/Soul, New Jack Swing, Gospel, Smooth Jazz, & Hip/Hop 24/7!

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BMB Tell It Like It Is

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BMB Tell It Like It Is, we're here to ed-u-tain & empower our communities with one conversation at a time! We're an information news show. We talk about sports, news, politics, ministry & relationship topics! JOIN US & JOIN the conversation!!! 

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Breaking The News Down

BMB Tell It Like It Is breaks the news down from our perspective from Entertainment to Politics! Follow & Like our FaceBook page & keep up with us daily!!

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Sports With Mel

Tune in every Tue at 5 PM EST sharp and begin enjoying Mel-Bone talk sports on BMB Tell It Like It Is Sports Hour. Learn more about the wildly popular show that’s keeping listeners around DFW & Central Texas incredibly engaged with the richest radio content you’ll find for miles.

BMB Tell It Like It Is Tuesday 5pm EST/4pm CST on BMB Soul Radio & catch up with us on Google Podcast & Amazon Music

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What’s Happening

There’s tons of radio shows to choose from and a myriad of information out there, but we only have a handful of hours each day for entertainment. By choosing BMB Soul Radio as your favorite Radio Station, you will immediately be exposed to all the latest developments around the radio world. We don’t only cover entertainment, we’re committed to keeping you informed about everything worth knowing. That’s why we’re the best listening choice for everyone.

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What Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation means for Black women

The moment I read Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed by the Senate to serve on the Supreme Court, the tears that welled in my eyes were a shock to me.

Yes, we expected this, although we knew it would be long, arduous, and trying—we believed Justice Jackson would likely be confirmed. However, in a world that so often demands emotional control, I often poise myself to regulate my emotional response, especially when expecting something positive, if for no other reason than the looming disappointment that Black Americans experience and expect from our government.

When Judge Jackson was confirmed, it was the not-so-subtle reminder that giving up—quitting—is simply never an option.

Article by Toni Watkins of the Grio

How Republicans are trying to prevent people from voting after ‘stop the steal’

Since the November election, Republican state legislatures across the country have introduced more than 250 bills creating barriers to voting, cutting early voting, purging voter rolls, limiting absentee options and now, in Georgia, outlawing giving someone stuck in a 10-hour line a bottle of water. 

In Georgia, the Republican governor signed a law last month making it harder to vote by mail, nearly eliminating ballot drop boxes and giving the state legislature more power over elections. In the Pennsylvania state general assembly, Republicans have introduced more than 50 voter suppression bills. A Texas bill would require proof of disability if voting by mail.

The Michigan legislature is set to consider 39 bills targeting voting rights, especially voting by mail. Arizona Republicans have introduced vote-by-mail restrictions, the purge of more than 100,000 people from a permanent early voting list with little notice, and a bill making it a potential felony to forward a ballot to a relative.

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The State of R&B/Soul
Old School vs New School

Have you ever sat and thought to compare today’s music? Which one do you like the most? In our era of music, it’s more of one hit wonder artists that come out with one song that gets everyone hype or people come out with music that doesn’t make any sense and actually makes money off their song. In my opinion, old school music has more relatable topics that we all can relate to. This kind of music is and will always be played! Let’s hear some more facts of which one is better. Do you think that it is the 90’s or 00’s music that will be better? Let’s see which one it will be.

Can Christians Listen To Secular Music?

I love listening to music. As a Christian, I enjoy listening to songs that glorify God and are Biblically-based. But there are also secular songs that have beautiful lyrics and music too. As a Christian, is it okay for me to listen to secular music?

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Stop replacing God with "the universe"

The universe isn't paying you any attention, but Jesus loves you, Stop replacing God with "the universe". He's desiring a relationship with you.

Cancel Culture

Chrisette Michele #Questions Why She Was “Canceled” and Not Kanye West?


What if the shoe was on the other foot?

The power of seeing life from other points of view.

"Let's Talk About Race" Photo Series 

by Chris Buck & Greg Semu

#whatif #race #switch #wow

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